The Listening Hermit
is listening to make sense of it all

  • What if there’s only one, indivisible, one?

    Have you ever considered that there may only be One? One reality, one thing, one singularity? Could there simply be one and not two?Could we all be connected as components of that One? Many saints and sages have touched this non-dual reality.There is a diagnostic tool I use to assess my well being. When I…

  • Listening is Art and Skill

    The way we listen in conversations says a lot about who we are. I’ve compiled an informal list of the ways we listen that may help you identify some of your own. Truth be told I catch myself listening in each of these ways at different times. Some listen to answer. Ever noticed In the…

  • Adding LIFE to living

    Adding LIFE to living

    Religion is not doing well. Certainly not the old ones. All the major world religions with the exception of Islam are reporting declining membership and thinning attendance at observances of those time honoured rituals that once gave entire world regions their identity. It is even difficult to get the kids to travel home to the…

  • Enduring through horror requires clear meaning

    Enduring through horror requires clear meaning

    I doubt there is a person alive who does not want happiness, fulfilment, and a deep sense of meaning for their lives.  To be human is to desire a life with purpose.  Sadly we look in the wrong places. We imagine a meaningful life is devoid of suffering.  That is a big mistake.Victor Frankl (1905-1997)…

  • Facing and embracing our Demons

    Facing and embracing our Demons

    Embracing our deepest fears is often our salvation.

  • The Seduction of Unconsciousness

    Living consciously is difficult and requires that we invest time and energy in the practice, and maintenance, of a clear mind.Because awareness is costly, we all to easily lapse into unconsciousness. During the years of struggle against Apartheid one of the biggest challenges was to get our most oppressed citizens to believe that they actually…

  • Radical Christ 28 – Good Friday Recipe: Roast leg of Scapegoat

    The Church was trying to make sense of Jesus’ unfair death and rationalised it back to animal sacrifice which was the religious forgiveness ritual then.

  • The Radical Christ 27 – The Decolonial King

    Inky Pinky Ponky Jesus rode a Donkey….

  • Radical Christ 26 – Dying to find Paradise

    Lets face it, we all want to go back to paradise.That idyllic, virus, tax and crime free place, where we can walk with God in the cool of the day. Where a heavenly being caters to our every need and all we have to do in return is not think for ourselves and blindly follow…

  • Radical Christ 25 – Nicodemus and the Great Reset

    The Great Reset, was the theme of the World Economic Forum in January 2020.At this meeting IMF director Kristalina Georgieva, listed three key aspects of a sustainable response to the current global crisis: green growth, smarter growth, and fairer growth. With the gap between rich and poor continuing to widen everywhere, the world could do…

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