The Listening Hermit speaks once more.

After almost a year of silence, and profound changes in my professional and personal life, I am once again able to reflect on the Scriptures that mould and mystify me.






10 responses to “The Listening Hermit speaks once more.”

  1. Irene avatar

    Welcome Back….. listening …. speaking oh and
    Food for thought that often challenges.

    Will be good to have you back in the speaking Ummmm writing 🙂

  2. Peter Gunning avatar
    Peter Gunning

    Dear Peter

    Welcome back! You have been missed!

    I trust all the changes you have experienced have been for the good.

    I look forward to your posts.

    Yours in Jesus Christ


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    Charles Slater Avenue, Maidstone. Office: 032 525 4529

    PO Box 9, Maidstone, 4380 Office fax: 032 525 4628


    Rector: The Revd Canon P L Gunning [Peter – Allison] Home: 032 586 3380

    62 San Jerez – Seaward Estates; Albertina Drive; Ballito. Cell: 083 441 1950

    PostNet Suite #106; Private Bag X001; Ballito KZN; 4420 Fax: 086 512 9851


  3. osspelca avatar

    Welcome back. Your voice has been missed.

  4. osspelca avatar

    Welcome back.

  5. Peter avatar

    Thanks Dianne, what can I say? Always the fire starter or should that be “ember” stirrer!

  6. Dianne avatar

    Welcome back Peter! I am so glad you have returned. Your posts have often been the spark to ignite my sermons.

  7. Peter avatar

    Thanks Dawn

  8. Peter avatar

    Bless you Mark. It feels like a homecoming.

  9. Mark Long avatar

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your insights….

  10. Dawn avatar

    Welcome back

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