Lost Soul?

I sometimes fear we have lost our souls. I look around and see the departure of soul from so many sectors of life.

The same soul flight seems to have affected our religious traditions.
Is it possible to still encounter soul in the superficiality of modern life?

If soul is that which animates us, it seems to currently live in interesting places. Many pilgrims witness that they are enlivened by travel and wilderness experiences. There is a new spirituality that doesn’t need to conform to dogma. In caring for plants, animals and people who are suffering. In stewarding ecology and once again finding divinity in nature, soil and sea.

On closer investigation it seems we haven’t lost our souls, they are very much with us, but need a different diet to cope with the challenges of our hyper-driven world.

Food for the soul is still abundant and this video explores how to find and nurture soul.


6 responses to “Lost Soul?”

  1. Peter Woods avatar
    Peter Woods

    Thanks Pippa.
    I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Pippa avatar

    Brilliant message Peter – thank you!

  3. Peter Woods avatar
    Peter Woods

    Thanks Sandra. Glad it helped. Kaboega seen through your and Ian’s eyes has been such a place or Soul rediscovery for me over the years.

  4. Sandra Ritchie avatar
    Sandra Ritchie


  5. Peter Woods avatar
    Peter Woods

    Thank YOU Michelle. Great to get feedback.

  6. Michelle Faure avatar
    Michelle Faure

    . I love listening to these posts. Thanks so much.

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