Tag: Depression

  • Radical Christ 18 – “Strolling through Storms”

    Radical Christ 18 – “Strolling through Storms”

    Jesus walking on water, and then inviting Peter to join him on the stormy surface of Lake Gallilee makes our Western minds reel with incredulity. This story cannot be taken literally. Humans cannot walk on liquid water.So as with all deep truths, we need to investigate the narrative as myth. Myths are those true stories…

  • The Art of Dying Well, with Jesus

    Recently there has been some significant deconstruction of the grief cycle as postulated and engraved into our psyches in the last twenty years by the work of thanatologist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. So it is incumbent on me before I reference these “stages” for the work of Holy Week that I acknowledge the challenges that have been…

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