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  • Radical Christ 15 – Follow me – with YOUR Cross

    Radical Christ 15 – Follow me – with YOUR Cross

    The Cross as a symbol has become unanimous with the Christian Church. In this video Peter explores the cross not as a Christian Brand mark or even as a Colonial Crusading Emblem, but rather as a integrative symbol of psychological healing. The cross is not intended to be expanded as a symbol of global dominance,…

  • Radical Christ – 14 INTEGRATION Practice – “Self-enquiry”

    Radical Christ – 14 INTEGRATION Practice – “Self-enquiry”

    Accompanying the Radical Christ Journey – Peter offers a series of Integration Practices to help move Information, through integration, to personal transformation.In the first practice we travel to India and the little town of Tiruvanamallaihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiruvannamalaithe home of Ramana Maharshi who taught the Advaita method of “Self Enquiry”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-enquiry_(Ramana_Maharshi) Simply investigating “Who am I?” can bring us…

  • Psychological Landmines

    Psychological Landmines

    Ever noticed how certain situations bring out the worst in you? It may be a place, a set of circumstances or simply something someone says or does. Without any warning you find yourself irrationally attacking or shutting down. You feel completely out of control and out of character. The people around you are confused and…

  • The Five Gates of Grief – Gate 5

    The Five Gates of Grief – Gate 5

    Along with the ancient grief in our bones, there may also be our experiences of the grief and loss of our immediate parents and grandparents which we are required to mourn. The Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung wrote, “The greatest burden a child can bear is the unlived life of its parents.” Perhaps our own lives…

  • The Five Gates of Grief – Gate 4

    The Five Gates of Grief – Gate 4

    When we arrive into our lives we bring in our bodies the DNA and unconscious memories of tribal people. Humans are tribal and therefore social – constantly longing for connection. Yet despite our media and connectivity we are more isolated from each other than ever.

  • The Five Gates of Grief – Gate 3

    Episode 3 in the Five Gates of grief series. St Paul wrote,”We know that the whole creation has been groaning in labour pains until now..” Romans 8:22What he didn’t know was how much additional pain we humans would cause to this planet since he penned that line! In this video we explore our grieving, “The…

  • The Five Gates of Grief – Gate 2

    Following the outline of Francis Weller’s “Five Gates of Grief” this video invites us to locate and mourn the parts of our lives that never knew love. This is sacred and soulful work. As we examine the deficits and voids in our selves, as we see where our lives were Bonzai-ed by circumstances or the…

  • Lost Soul?

    I sometimes fear we have lost our souls. I look around and see the departure of soul from so many sectors of life. Can Soul still be found and if so, where?

  • The Masked Persona or Facebook Self

    Be as authentic when facing the public as when facing ourselves

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