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  • Radical Christ 28 – Good Friday Recipe: Roast leg of Scapegoat

    The Church was trying to make sense of Jesus’ unfair death and rationalised it back to animal sacrifice which was the religious forgiveness ritual then.

  • The Radical Christ 27 – The Decolonial King

    Inky Pinky Ponky Jesus rode a Donkey….

  • Radical Christ 26 – Dying to find Paradise

    Lets face it, we all want to go back to paradise.That idyllic, virus, tax and crime free place, where we can walk with God in the cool of the day. Where a heavenly being caters to our every need and all we have to do in return is not think for ourselves and blindly follow…

  • Radical Christ 25 – Nicodemus and the Great Reset

    The Great Reset, was the theme of the World Economic Forum in January 2020.At this meeting IMF director Kristalina Georgieva, listed three key aspects of a sustainable response to the current global crisis: green growth, smarter growth, and fairer growth. With the gap between rich and poor continuing to widen everywhere, the world could do…

  • Radical Christ 24 – Wrecking his Father’s House (John 2:13-25)

    They say, there’s no place like home. If only we knew what our home, Port Elizabeth was called! Once the Mayor and the Ministers have agreed, maybe the Mlungu’s will learn to pronounce Gqeberha? It’s clearly karma for making second language English speakers struggle for decades with Fort Beaufort!Yet, despite the name, there’s no place…

  • Radical Christ 23 – The Transfiguration Pivot Point

    The Transfiguration of Jesus is the turning point of Jesus’ ministry.From preaching, teaching and healing in Galilee, after the Transfiguration he heads south to Jerusalem to confront the oppressive and exploitative religious establishment there.The transfiguring light of Mt Tabor will progressively dim to the darkness of a cold tomb where Jesus’ dead body will be…

  • Radical Christ 22- Integration Practice for Raising Lazarus – What are Miracles?

    There is so much information around us, and we who live in the information age can easily mistake information for transformation.For this reason, the Radical Christ series, from time to time, inserts Integration Practice sessions to allow the information about Jesus, the Map for each of our lives, to become an integrated transformation of our…

  • Radical Christ Integration Practice 3 – Finding Balance to Walk onto the Storm.

    The breath is a useful and ever present symbol of balance and rhythm in life.In this episode Peter introduces the Integration Practice of being mindful of the breath to assess what is needed next for balance.After all to walk headlong onto a stormy sea requires a fine balance.

  • Radical Christ 18 – “Strolling through Storms”

    Radical Christ 18 – “Strolling through Storms”

    Jesus walking on water, and then inviting Peter to join him on the stormy surface of Lake Gallilee makes our Western minds reel with incredulity. This story cannot be taken literally. Humans cannot walk on liquid water.So as with all deep truths, we need to investigate the narrative as myth. Myths are those true stories…

  • Radical Christ 17 – Compassion Takes Guts

    Radical Christ 17 – Compassion Takes Guts

    Ram Dass spoke eloquently of developing a spiritual practice that enables you to keep your heart open in hell. Mahayana Buddhists have the notion of Bodhisattvas, enlightened being who after countless rebirths are ready to enter into the bliss of Nirvana, but who vow not to cross over until they have assisted all sentient beings,…

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