(I am captivated by and participating in the beauty of Port Alfred in this Christ Mass week and so too lazy to write a full Blog)

Here is my micro sketch of my sermon for Epiphany this Sunday.

I have been contemplating how the Magi contrast with the rash of arrogant religious Wise Guys out there at present. You know the people who have words from God for everyone and who have it all packaged and sealed.  Real Wise Guys…..Ugh!

Seems to me the Magi were very different from the Christian Taliban.

  1. They read and studied widely beyond their own culture.
  2. They were prepared to go on a journey to discover truth.
  3. They were discerning, and saw through Herod’s power play.
  4. They were not too arrogant to bow the knee before mystery when they found it.

I wanna be like them.

And you?

5 thoughts on “Were those camel riders “Wise Guys”?

  1. Peter, very nicely done! I like your four points and agree with you on the difference between wise guys and wise men. And enjoy your Port Alfred! It sounds warm and sunny! Tim

  2. good thoughts! I love that some people who many Christians would sneer at and dismiss get to be part of the story so early. Signs of what Jesus was about with his parables and concerns for the little, the least, the last, and the lost. Go well!

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