Advent changes for the Listening Hermit

My dear blog readers,

Yesterday I returned to Port Elizabeth after four years in the lovely town of Port Alfred.The holiday and retirement destination on the Kowie river was also my last pastoral appointment.  I have retired early from the church so as to pursue a more specialized ministry of Pastoral Therapy. You can read more about that by clicking here  I will be opening the practice doors in the rooms of Dr’s Wannenberg and Benson, 86 Park Drive, in Central PE on December 18th.

As one who follows this blog I wanted you to know that I intend to continue posting here as The Listening Hermit as I love the process and the people which the blogs puts me in contact with.

I do however want to change the perspective of the blog (and you may not even notice this) from reflecting purely as a preacher, to looking at the gospels with my new eyes of a pastoral therapist.  This will afford me the context relevance which is important to my reflections on scripture.

I do hope you will continue to visit and interact with me as you have done.

My special thanks must go to Jenee Woodward of Text Week who has been such an encouragement in my blogging

Blessings to you all







10 responses to “Advent changes for the Listening Hermit”

  1. Simon Cashmore avatar
    Simon Cashmore

    Hi Peter,
    Best wishes for you in your new ministry. Sometimes the old wineskins are simply not big enough. Blessings. Simon Cashmore

  2. Peter avatar

    Thanks Irene

  3. Peter avatar

    Bless you
    Thank you for the good wishes and blessings on your work on the other side of the planet.

  4. Peter avatar

    Thanks Dianne

  5. Peter avatar

    Thanks Sandy
    It is a blessing in life to have options for new beginnings

  6. Sandy avatar

    Thank you, Peter, for continuing with this blog ~ we so appreciate it! Many blessings and prayers for your next adventure. God will continue to use you in amazing ways, I’m confident of that!

  7. Dianne avatar

    Dear Peter, I am sure you will be wonderful in your new profession, and I look forward to continuing to read your posts.

  8. miran541 avatar

    I enjoyyour weekly blog and read it regularly… I live in the Northeastern USA where Spiritual Direction has become popular and seen as a vital ministry, as a regular participant in that process with a Dominican sister, and as a person commissioned for paraprofessional ministry, I will welcome your reflections from the added perspective of your new ministry. Blessings on its start-up, God’s grace be with you.

  9. Irene avatar

    Firstly I would like to wish you all the best with your new direction and at the same time mention that I am pleased that your blog will continue. Looking at the gospels from a different perspective should be challenging and at the same have a new and fresh approach to the stories that have become so familiar over the years.

    Blessings to you

  10. Maureen Walker avatar
    Maureen Walker

    Thank you for continuing. I have found this vey special Maureen

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