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  • Radical Christ 28 – Good Friday Recipe: Roast leg of Scapegoat

    The Church was trying to make sense of Jesus’ unfair death and rationalised it back to animal sacrifice which was the religious forgiveness ritual then.

  • The Radical Christ 27 – The Decolonial King

    Inky Pinky Ponky Jesus rode a Donkey….

  • Radical Christ 18 – “Strolling through Storms”

    Radical Christ 18 – “Strolling through Storms”

    Jesus walking on water, and then inviting Peter to join him on the stormy surface of Lake Gallilee makes our Western minds reel with incredulity. This story cannot be taken literally. Humans cannot walk on liquid water.So as with all deep truths, we need to investigate the narrative as myth. Myths are those true stories…

  • Radical Christ 17 – Compassion Takes Guts

    Radical Christ 17 – Compassion Takes Guts

    Ram Dass spoke eloquently of developing a spiritual practice that enables you to keep your heart open in hell. Mahayana Buddhists have the notion of Bodhisattvas, enlightened being who after countless rebirths are ready to enter into the bliss of Nirvana, but who vow not to cross over until they have assisted all sentient beings,…

  • Radical Christ – The Only Commandment

    Radical Christ – The Only Commandment

    “Love God and Love your neighbour” is for Jews and Christians the Greatest Commandment.This Video Explores the Radical New Ethic proposed by Erich Neumann in his Book Depth Psychology and the New Ethic. (1990) Using ancient Rabinnic Midrash methods in Hebrew Translations Neumann came up with an amazing insight into what neighbour can also be…

  • Radical Christ – Saviours and Scapegoats

    Radical Christ – Saviours and Scapegoats

    Early on in the narrative of Jesus’ ministry, the crowd want to make him King. Both occasions are after he has miraculously fed them (John 6:12-15) and extravagantly made wine from water. (John 2:23-25). In a publicist’s nightmare, on both occasions Jesus withdraws from the projection and idolization, “because he knew what was in people’s…

  • The Radical Christ 3 – Jesus, a Map for Every Human Life

    The Radical Christ 3 – Jesus, a Map for Every Human Life

    In this third foundational video for The Radical Christ series, Peter examines the role of Archetypes in Mythology, and explains why Jesus is the most accessible Archetypal Map for Western minds You can schedule one on one Skype or Zoom sessions with Peter by emailing

  • The Radical Christ 2 – I AM Conscious, that I AM

    The Radical Christ 2 – I AM Conscious, that I AM

    The Radical Christ a map for unfolding human consciousness

  • Lost Soul?

    I sometimes fear we have lost our souls. I look around and see the departure of soul from so many sectors of life. Can Soul still be found and if so, where?

  • The Evil underpinning Easter

    Approaching the pivotal Christian feast of Easter with its themes of death and redemption, I am aware of how much violence is a feature of our daily news. Whether it be in domestic and child abuse, street violence, or brutal murder, violence stalks us like a hungry wolf.With these high levels of destructive behaviour one…

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